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 Temple of Pirates II

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PostSubject: Temple of Pirates II   Temple of Pirates II EmptyFri May 01, 2015 3:06 pm

Easy-Medium Server
Website :  http://www.templeofpirates.com/
Forum :  http://templeofpiratesii.forumotion.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/templeofpirates

Server Features:  This is an easy/medium server based on Tales of Pirates 2 with captcha enabled and other security measures to bring an enjoyable playing experience.  Server is totally free, the in-game shop is available and crystals are available in-game and not by cash.

Server Rates:
Solo Experience 5x
Party Experience 7x
Drop Rate 5x
Fairy Rate 35x
Resource Rate 3x
Ship Experience 15x

Max Player Level: 120 but capped @ level 80 to start then will take cap by 10 levels until max level .
Max Fairy Level : 62  Will be able to level fairy to level 41 then will need Improved Fruits until max level
Main Server Features at start:
Automatic Backup of server every 3rd day.
Server maintenance every Friday morning server time.
Classes have few upgrades to their overall growth per level.
All unsealed equipment has upgraded stats
Workshop features all options working
View Equipment option available when right click on any player to check their equipped items.  Does not work if using a custom skin.
All equipment sealed above lv 45 are by normal ways of the original TOP, bosses in FC/DS/DW
Death Equipment are available by original way of TOP you will need Boss Stones Level  70 and acquire the souls according to your class
New Gem Upgrade available: Can upgrade all normal gems to increase their power with a clarion crystal as a catalyst.
Implemented a chest gem system that gives a random gem
Gems available at start: Normal, Cracked, Chipped, Advanced, Hat, Rock, New Upgraded Gems, Unique.
All gems max forge level is: Level 9
First Rebirth will give a power increase of 20% when completed.
Money ways:  wood 5k, iron ore 5k, sashimi 7.5k, 1m notes from DW chests and others you can find.
Check in-game GUIDES NPC near east gate to learn about what is available in each maze.
Chaos Argent Tweak fully working.
Many quests available to get money, crystal chests, and essential items needed. All NPCs eventually will have something to offer.

Come and join us and explore all the server has to offer.  Server will add more content as we see our player base grow to keep a balance of power between old and new players.  

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Temple of Pirates II
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