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 The first day on the city !

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The first day on the city ! Empty
PostSubject: The first day on the city !   The first day on the city ! EmptySat Jun 06, 2015 10:48 am

Hi little adventurer ! Are you ready for the adventure ?
Let's begin
Once you log in and make your char etc ... You'll need to lvl up.
Q : Where can i lvl up ?
A : Easy ! Download the Mini patch from here
Mini patch link:
then you will be able to see Power Level Magazin lv45/55/70 at Temple Store NPC 2229,2782 argent ft (It's for free YAAAAAAY !)

Q : I lvled up to 70 but i am still don't know what should i do ?
A : And why i am here ? Now chose your promotion at Job-Changer 2201,2776 . (you will need 5K gold , kill shrubs and pick drop then sell to npc easy Smile )

Q : What's next ?
A : Back to Temple Store NPC and accept the first quest "Unseal lv45"

--------------------------Unseal lv45 quest---------------------------

Objective :
*10 bats
*10 miners
*10 Muds
You can find those mobs at Silver/Abbandon mine

Reward : Unseal 45 boss chest

Q : Great ! What's next ??
A : Now you are ready to start your journey !

I hope this little guide help you to begin , new guides will be added soon !
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The first day on the city !
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