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 Making Money !

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Making Money ! Empty
PostSubject: Making Money !   Making Money ! EmptySat Jun 06, 2015 11:35 am

To keep progressing you need money for sure ! here are some ways to farm some .
At the beginning you should 100% start with this :
Farm some reputation (Kill any mob = 10 rep . Cool right ? Very Happy ) to get life skill points (or do story quests) then buy wooducting skill.
Go to this spot 1844,2967 and chop chop chop... you can sell wood to NPC for 5k ea so 450k per stack .
Now if you like FC/DS you can farm there Refs / Gems / Pirate Elixir and sell them to players or you will get Million dollar note from Boss/mini bosses / chests
At this part you will be mush better for sure so you can go DW and kill chests (drop = 3 million dollar note + 2 pirate elixir + 1/2 kals )
+ 1 extra way for lazy players , make a voy and farm rep at dream island by killing shrubs then goto rep NPC and exchange reps for money (1k rep = 1 million )
PS : if you can't see dream island download Manual Patch from web size 45mo

I hope this guide be helpfull !
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Making Money !
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