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 Item Mall Crystals !

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Item Mall Crystals ! Empty
PostSubject: Item Mall Crystals !   Item Mall Crystals ! EmptySat Jun 06, 2015 1:16 pm

Hi ! First of all you should know taht the server is totally free , you don't have to donate and all items + IMP are ing .
Here is some things taht you should know :
Mini Temple Crystal Chest = 10 IMP
Small Temple Crystal Chest = 25 IMP
Meddieum Temple Crystal Chest = 50 IMP
Large Temple Crystal Chest = 75 IMP

Let's start !
The first way to get those is by doing the Bounty Hunter Quests
Go to npc at 2189,2776 at Argent City it will ask you to kill the Little Squidy mini boss
You can just auto trace and you will find it ( Thanks TOP 2 for this Function Very Happy )
Once you kill it you can back to NPC and get the rewards (1 mini chest + million dollar notes yaaaay !! )
You can finish all quests at this npc there are many . PS : Be carefull from mini bosses they have High HP + High Damage
The second way is by doing quests at the Drunkun PathPill at argent city , you can get the required items from FC/DS then back to NPC fro the rewards ( Gems + Meddieum Chest )
The 3rd ways is by winning CA = 2 large chest + 1 King of the ring emblen wich can be exchanged to 1 large chest at Chaos Adiministrator NPC
The 4th way is by doing RB quests (lv75+) and other quests (lv80)

+1 more extra way is by buying from Players ( Chests are tradable )
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Item Mall Crystals !
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