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 Hackers already?

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Hackers already? Empty
PostSubject: Hackers already?   Hackers already? EmptyMon Jun 15, 2015 10:46 am

dunno if this is the place to make this kind of post but here it go xD

i found 1 char that i cant use skills on nether melee is IGN: dokenkillvoyhent
he was in dream farming along other voy like normal ppl do but i couldnt hit or slash or anything on him a relog to see if was a glitch but nothing changed
so i guess this is only a farming char n is main is probably one of the top players of this server (i guess he might use other hacks in is main) but this kind of hacks should give this guys a permanent ban

P.S.: be carefull when doing business with this guy
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Hackers already?
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